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Feature Wall Sydney

Do you love the idea of experimenting with a feature wall, but you're not sure where to start? At Joao Viana & Sons Painting, we create feature walls in Sydney for customers throughout the city. As an exciting opportunity to experiment with colours and textures, your feature wall will act as a focal point in the room you add it to. To ensure it has the desired effect, you need to use the services of a premium painting firm that has extensive experience in this area.

Why add a feature wall to your home?

The right feature wall can give any room character. Some people like to use them to shape the rest of the room and create a sense of organisation. Although they're exceedingly popular amongst those who want to redecorate their properties, it's also easy to get them wrong.
Depending on your sense of style, you can opt for a wall that's darker, lighter, or bursting with patterns. At Joao Viana & Sons Painting, we appreciate the importance of ensuring your sense of style is present throughout every inch. From start to finish, we'll consult with you over the design, so you'll feel delighted with the results.

The benefits of a bedroom feature wall

One of the most popular areas for using these walls is the bedroom. As the place where you sleep, relax, and enjoy alone time, your bedroom deserves a design that complements your character. When you come to us for a bedroom feature wall, we'll enhance its aesthetics elegantly.
Our work extends to other areas of your property, too. With a bathroom feature wall, it's easy to make even the smallest of bathrooms feel lively. Depending on the colours and textures you choose, you can make it appear soothing, energetic, or however else you want it to feel.
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