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Roof Waterproofing Strathfield

Nobody enjoys the thought of walking into their property to realise that damp is seeping in. Rather than letting damp become an issue, why not use our roof waterproofing services? The team here at Joao Viana & Sons Painting always meets strict installation standards when providing roof waterproofing in Sydney. With a 10-year guarantee on all our workmanship, we're confident we can keep your home dry for the foreseeable future.

Who needs roof waterproofing in Sydney?

When you want to protect your property against the effects of damp, one of the best places to start is the roof. Even the smallest of leaks can have an insidious effect on the rest of your property's structure. Alongside increasing your risk of damp, a roof that doesn't benefit from adequate protection will also increase your chances of structural problems, resulting in expensive repairs further down the line.


At Joao Viana & Sons Painting, we provide roof waterproofing in Sydney. Before beginning all our work, we'll perform a thorough assessment that will alert us to areas that need addressing. Using robust techniques that withstand water and moisture, we'll maintain your building's integrity and guard it against bad weather.

Choosing Joao Viana & Sons Painting for roof waterproofing

From start to finish, the team at Joao Viana & Sons Painting will work hard to ensure your roof waterproofing experience is seamless. We'll erect all the scaffolding and lay sheets ourselves. Additionally, you'll benefit from the presence of a professional team in your home. Although waterproofing is sometimes an extensive undertaking, we'll do what we can to maintain a non-disruptive environment.

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